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Carnauba Bay Paste Wax

Made from the finest Brazilian carnauba wax, the hardest natural wax with a very high tolerance to heat. Carnauba Bay will give you a bright, lustrous, hard, long lasting shine like no other wax. This paste wax contains no clays, plastersizers or emulsifiers to inhibit the UV value and longevity. Carnauba Bay is so fast and easy to use that it ordinarily would not take more than a half hour to an hour to wax a full size vehicle. One container of Carnauba Bay Paste Wax will easily do 30 to 50 full size cars, that's about 50 cents a waxing, making it the most economical and best protection for your vehicle. Unlike other paste waxes, Carnauba Bay requires less time to finish the job, due to the unique ability of applying the wax to the entire surface before wiping it off. Formulated and manufactured in Maine to endure the rough New England winters, Carnauba Bay is definitely a no gimmick wax that will give you the best protection for your hard earned dollar.

This product is packaged in a one pound rust proof plastic container, making it ideal for boating enthusiasts as well - Wax applicator included.

Carnauba Bay Paste Wax

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Carnauba bay 16 oz. @ $19.95 each
Carnauba bay case of 24 - 16 oz. @ $359.59 each

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