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Citra-plus - Biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner

You've never tried a citrus cleaner like Citra-Plus before. This is the newest member of our family of wonderful cleaning products. Citra-Plus is a biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable concentrated super citrus cleaner with a new non-coughing and low foaming formula that makes it ideal for cleaning around your home!

For as little as 20 cents you can make a quart of ready to use product for you're toughest cleaning applications. Wash floors of all types, watch soap scum dissolve before your very eyes, clean grease with just a few scrubbing! Clean burned on food stains, vinyl siding, mold and mildew without expensive equipment, plus thousands of other uses. We have asthma patients who swear by Citra-Plus because of its new non-coughing formula. It's great for homes, schools, restaurants, convenience stores, garages, trucking outfits, and many other work places. It's already sold in the professional market as a floor cleaner, truck wash, degreaser, tire cleaner, vinyl cleaner, and other multi purpose applications. With this one product you can replace all the products you are buying to perform such tasks as cleaning:

Vinyl | Tires | Fabrics | Appliances | Fiberglass | Toilet bowls | Vinyl and wood floors | Vinyl siding | Grease | Cement | Porcelain | Soap scum | Mold and mildew | Smoke damage | Lawn furniture | Recreational vehicles | Automobiles | Pressure wash | And much, much more!

So put the power of citrus in your hands with Citra-Plus!


Satisfaction guaranteed or we will CHEERFULLY Refund Your Money.

Gallon @ $13.50 each
Gallon with empty labeled
quart sprayer bottle @ $16 each
6 Gallons (1 case) @ $60.75 each

Shipping Charges are for Continental U.S. Only.
For all other areas, Please Call! Save 25% by Case Volume. Case quantity is 6 gallons. Gallons can be assorted and discount will be refunded when order is processed. We will also refund any excess shipping and handling charges at that time. For quart purchase, or shipping quotes you may call direct at 207-856-2993 or email us.