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Disclaimer…. The following are recommendations only; check manufacturers recommendations and warranties before cleaning any materials.



Tires Chem Quest manufactures two materials that are perfect for cleaning tires. Our Incredible Pink is a no touch approach to cleaning tires. Spray Incredible Pink full strength on your white or Black wall surfaces, wait about a minute or the time it takes to coat the next tire with product and then rinse off. Our other product and the one that I recommend the most, is our Citra-Plus (not suggested for Magnesium wheels). The instructions for application are the same, except I like the results on the rims better, it brightens the metal and works better removing brake dust. I find it to be safer on most rims. A couple of suggestions are; pretest a very small spot on a rim to make sure that any product you use will be compatible, and be sure to check with manufacturers warranty to make sure that your warranty will not void if you use a product that the manufacturer does not recommend. Be sure that you never let any product dry on a rim while you are cleaning it, and never clean a rim while it is hot. Both will surely lead to damage or poor results. As an added recommendation, spray your wheel wells while you are spraying your tires and save yourself an added step at the end. For a finishing touch, there are a million choices that you will find at just about any store. We even have a couple. In the past I have had customers tell me how they preserved there trailer tires for the summer, or even there Bike tires for the winter just to find them cracked when they removed them from storage. Our products are made to do quite the opposite and preserve and protect. Our product will allow for the changing temperatures that cause expansion and contraction. One is our Dress Up which is Biodegradable, non toxic, and water base. Simply spray on and walk away for a super gloss finish or wipe on with a sponge for a satiny finish. We offer a solvent tire finish called Spit Shine that applies the same way, except dries a little faster. You just need to ask yourself which is more important, drying time or the environment.

Seats and Carpets From coffee stains to ketchup, the two products that I would recommend are Incredible Pink and our Citra-Plus. Use approximately 1 oz of product to 15 oz of water and spray onto Leather, Vinyl, Carpet or Upholstery, scrub with a soft towel, sponge, or brush and then rinse with clean water and clean towel, or extract with a shop vac. When cleaning velour, make the same solution and shake to create foam on the surface. Apply with a soft brush only the foam from the surface and wipe with a clean towel. Important always pretest a small inconspicuous area for colorfastness.

Dashboards and Vinyl panels I recommend either our Incredible Pink or Citra-Plus mixed 1 oz of product to 15 or 31 oz of water depending on if the vehicle is very dirty and stained (15 oz H2O) or just dusty (31 oz H2O). Apply with a towel and rinse clean with fresh water and a clean towel. If you want to follow up with a beautifier, I recommend our Dress-Up. Dress-Up is safe and very effective. It protects against UV and adds the perfect touch after all your efforts. Now, there is one very common product that I can think of that has caused it share of cracking on dashboards in the past. I would not recommend that product to any one, how ever I will tell you that our Dress-Up will preserve your dash and allow it to expand and contract in the ever changing temperatures and prevent cracking. Works great on vinyl and leather as well as plastic. Be careful about using Dress-Up on floor mats and Leather seats. They will seem a little slippery at first. Never apply any dressing to your steering wheel. If you should happen to get some on your windshield while applying, simply remove it with glass cleaner.

Sap / Pitch removal Chem Quest manufacturers a great solution for pitch removal. Our product called Sap Off is a fast acting product that will not harm your painted finish, providing your paint is not oxidized. Simply apply a little to the sap, wait two seconds and wipe off. Be it a great product, the only down side to Sap Off is that it is flammable. Therefore making it quite expensive to ship via a delivery service. So, if you are not near a location of a distributor, I recommend a simple alternative. Check you cabinet for some Isopropyl Alcohol or more commonly known as Rubbing Alcohol and use that instead. It’s not as fast acting but it will work. I recommend cleaning any sap from your vehicle as soon possible. The acid in the sap will eat your clear coat and cause irreparable damage and need for a new paint job.

Car Washing There are many choices for the do-it-your-self car wash. From joy dishwashing liquid to a cheap wash and wax at the local auto parts store. These products will surely aid in dirt removal. However, when I was my vehicle I want the best job with the most benefits for my hard earned dollar. Maui Premium Wash , Wax, and Shine is worth more than its weight in gold as far as I’m concerned. Even though I might pay a little more for it than the Dawn detergent or cheap car wash, I use a lot less. About two caps full in a bucket and I am left with an unbelievable UV protected shine. The other bonus is the amazingly clean windshield that beads instantly in the rain and seems to make my wipers twice as effective.

Waxing Before applying any paste wax be sure that your vehicle is free of oxidation. Wax is best applied in the shade on a dry day. Almost any wax will smudge on a really humid day. Our paste wax, Carnauba Bay is chosen by professional all over the Unites States because of its usability. Carnauba Bay comes in a variety of colors and fragrances and is distributed under a variety of labels. One 16 oz tub will wax 30 to 50 vehicles depending on the vehicles size. Carnauba Bay is free of cheap fillers and contains pure number 1 Carnauba from Brazil. Before waxing, first wash your vehicle and remove any tar and pitch that may be on the surface. Sometimes I will start waxing my vehicle before it even dries. It saves time, and a dry surface is not necessary with Carnauba Bay. After the surface is ready, I will apply the wax. If it is a hot day, I will work in small sections, for example I will do a side at a time. On a cool day I will apply the wax to the whole vehicle. While applying the wax I am sure to apply the thinnest coat possible, knowing that anything more will only be wiped off and wasted after. Wait for the wax to form a haze. When removing the wax I use two soft terry towels, one in each hand; One to remove the bulk of the wax, and the other to give it a quick buff. I can wax my truck end to end in about twenty minutes. I recommend waxing your vehicle in the fall, spring and summer. Waxing to often will create a build up that will eventually make for poor results. If this happen, I recommend using a presol before waxing. If you can’t find a presol, try using some charcoal lighter fluid. Be careful not to get wax on coarse black plastic parts, because wax will leave a white haze in the crevasses.

Bug removal Well, not much to say about bug removal except for during the right time of year we are all faced with bug spats on our vehicle. If this happens to you, there are three options. Option one; live with it. Option two; scrub them off till you are exhausted. Option three; the one I like the best, is contact Chem Quest and ask for some Bug Out. Simply spray Bug Out onto the bug spats and wait about a minute, then wipe off leaving a terrific shine and no bugs. You may also use Bug Out a time saving step by pre-spraying before car washing.

Engine Cleaning First and most importantly, when cleaning an engine make sure it is not hot. Much like cleaning rims, you do not want the product to get hot and dry on the surface. Drying on the surface could take the shine off any covers there might be and if cleaned when hot might remove the paint off surfaces. Now that we have established that, there are three products that I would recommend for degreasing. The first and the one that I rely on most is our Incredible Pink. Simply spray Incredible Pink in a non- diluted form onto the surface and wait about a minute, then hose off. On some very greasy surfaces, you may need to reapply. If the engine is suffering from dust and no real grease, then you can dilute one part product to five parts water. The other two products that I would recommend are the Citra-Plus, and Econo-Klean. Citra-Plus works as well as the Incredible Pink, except in many cases I like the smell better. The Econo-Klean is replacement product for solvent engine degreasers. For those who prefer to clean with solvents, we developed the Econo-Klean to act and smell like a solvent degreaser while containing only a small portion of solvent.

Adhesive Sticky stuff, isn’t it great? Adhesive always seems to be a real chore to remove. If you shop locally at Chem Quest, we can make it very easy to take care of your adhesive cleaning irritations. However, if you live far away and at shipping distance only, our adhesive cleaner is to expensive to ship due to flammability. So, a few household remedies that I can suggest are: Try using a hair dryer to soften the glue and peel off that unappealing sticker. Use Baby oil or Rubbing alcohol to remove the adhesive residue that is left over from removing tape and stickers. Always remember to test for colorfastness on any surface that you use an adhesive cleaning remedy on. And keep a close eye on Chem Quest; we may soon have a safe and effective alternative for removing adhesives.

Glass Be it the mirrors, the windshield or the windows, I can recommend only one product that I know will perform to my expectations. It is film Buster, a Chem Quest product. What sets Film Buster apart is its ability to remove all the dirt and scum, as well streaks. Film Buster requires less product than other cleaners to achieve optimum results. Film Buster leaves a protective coating, which will allow you to wipe off fingerprints, and smudges with out reapplication of product. To clean windows and achieve fast, effective results, I recommend using two terry towels free of lint. Spray Film Buster onto glass. Wash window with one towel until window appears dry. The buff window with second Towel to remove any residue left behind. Windows will be spot free. You will be able to do your whole vehicle with just the two towels. Wash the towels in the laundry when finished.