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Debbie Casey I almost gave up on finding a cleaner that works like incredible pink.It says it in the name Incredible. Thanks
Gail Just tried your incredible pink cleaner yesterday, It was the first time I had seen it in the store, I was looking for something that would "really" clean my shower/tub well It did and I am impressed!!!! I will continue to use it. My only problem will be that the store I shop at Hannaford on Union street in Bangor has a habit of not reordering or just carries something for awhile and then stops. Hopefully this wont happen. Also I threw in my shower curtian this morning and used some in the water I just now went to look to see if it was done and if by chance it worked on that too it was headed for the trash! well not anymore it looks nearly new. I AM SOLD!!!!!
Elmer Ott Incredible Pink far outperforms all the other diluted multipurpose cleaners found in the big box stores!! What do you want to pay for, added water to make the price cheap or good honest concentrated Incredible Pink? You get what you pay for and the truth lies in the Chem Quest line. Diluters go home!!
Steve Sacks I have been professionally restoring fine antique furniture for over 40 years now. My finish coat of Carnauba Bay Paste Wax gives the piece a wonderful patina unmatched by any other product I have used. Its easy and fast!! Highly recommended and very economical!!
John Hanna I have been professionally restoring fine antiques for over 30 years.I use the Carnauba Bay Paste Wax as my last finishing aid and it brings the wood's patina out so well. It is durable, hard, and lasts a very long time. Undoubtably this wax is the finest I have ever used and is superior to those British products many times its price! Bravo!!
Levi Gilder We have been so amazed with your products. I was referred to you by Craig of Key Motors. We use the chemicals for everything from cleaning the home to cleaning tractors and farm equipment on my dad's 600 acre farm.. I have demonstrated it to a bunh of friends.. Everyone loves your products. THANKS CHEM QUEST!
Paul Forman We had a stain in a bath tub that we tried everything you can imagine on. Nothing we tried removed the stain. I then tried Oxymite. I mixed a small amount with water and soaked a sponge in it. I laid the sponge on top of the stain. I came back in a little while to check and the stain was completely gone! Great Product!
Robert Kwiatkowski I love Citra-Plus!!! It works great on soap scum.
Terri Mayberry Citra-Plus - A good smelling, effective cleaning product! I use it for cleaning my fiberglass showers. Spray it on, leave it for a short period, return and rinse and it is clean and shiny! I also use Citra-Plus for my laundry. It is very effective for "ring around the collar", and all types of spots. Using Chem Quest products is safe for my septic system, very cost effective, and has eliminated having so many different types of cleaning products in the house. I highly recommend trying will be a happy customer!
Terri Mayberry I Love the Oxymite! What a wonderful product replacement for Bleach. My son brought home his dirty "whites" laundry from college. With only one washing, the gray became white and the built-up stains-GONE! And in addition, they smelled good too! A true test for proving the value of this product. I have also used oxymite as a drain cleaner. I had a slow running shower drain. NO LONGER!
Rosie I recently purchased a used automobile.The previous owners were smokers. I do not smoke, so I found the odor to be very offensive. I contacted the people at Chem Quest and they gave me a product to try to eliminate the odor. I was absolutly amazed at how the product got rid of the smell. I also used the Maui car wash, the Canuba wax, and the Blue Luster on my car. My looks and smells brand new. I highly recomend all of the products.
Debbie I am a housewife with an asthma condition. As so, I have problems getting household cleaning products that I can use without affecting my breathing. My husband brought home some Citra-Plus from work that he had gotten at Chem Quest for me to try. I was very pleased with the results, as the product cleaned as it promised and did not bother my breathing at all. The pleasing citrus scent was an added bonus also. I am very pleased with this product as I am with other products I have used from this company. Some of the other products I have used and would recommend to anyone are; Yellowstuf, Film Buster, and Maui Premium. If you want a good product that is made right here in Maine, and buy a product that does what it promises, I highly recommend these products and the people at Chem Quest. Just try any of their products that I have used and see if you will agree with me. Thank You Chem Quest
David Chem Quest has done it again, you hit another HOME RUN in your product line with CITRA-PLUS and BUG OUT. CITRA-PLUS cleans like no other none choking product that I have used on the market today. The cleaning effectiveness and the user friendliness surpasses any product. You can use this product safely to clean anything that is dirty, greasy and down right nasty. I have always used a heavy duty cleaner to remove bugs off vehicles and RV's, this works good but it can spot and streak paint if you are not careful, along with removing wax. I tried BUG OUT and this product outperforms my old method ten times over. BUG OUT works easier and safer, just spay it on, let it soak and then wipe it off. BUG OUT leaves no bug residue and a beautiful shine behind. I have used Chem Quest's spectacular products for over 4 years. The effectiveness of the cleaners means you use less and clean more. I will continue to use Chem Quest because of there exceptional products and top notch friendly service. Keep up the exceptional work and products!!!!
Jeff Your Carnauba Bay Paste Wax was recommended to me by a friend in the auto detailing business and WOW! Never have I used a wax so easy to apply and one that is so durable! Holds up in the Florida sun like no other product on the market and keeps my F-150 looking like the day I got it! My highest recommendation!
Craig I LOVE CITRA-PLUS!!! I've never seen a product that's so useful in the house AND garage. From cleaning heavily soiled clothes to the tires on my truck - this stuff not only does it but does it better than anything else I've EVER used!!! I can't imagine cleaning anything without it!!! THANK YOU CHEM QUEST!!!
Jeff Scott My dad recommended that I try your "IndrediblePink" as a de-greaser for my small engines that I tinker on at home. I am so impressed by the ability of this product that I am no longer worried about my mom getting mad at me for tracking in! The grease is gone! We have tried several "local" products and NOTHING works as well as this product! I will let you know how it works on erasing bad marks on report cards!!!
Ethelee Jackson I LOVE your products. I have tried several over the past year and if I run out of one, I will truly feel my home, car and r.v. will suffer. I especially like the dress-up. I have leather seats in my car and it really keeps them soft supple and looking like new. I even use it on my shoes and leather coat to keep them looking like they just came our of the store. Keep up the great work. I know I can count on your products to get rid of the dirt, scum and grime of daily life and still be safe for me and the environment! Thank you. Ethelee Jackson
Rick White I have used many chem quest products. My favorite is Mauai car wash/wax. This product made my 1985 Toyota truck look better thatn most 5 year old vehicles!
Bob Jones I had my 6 year old grandson with me Saturday 11/13 helping a friend build a log home. Cameron was picking up empty calking tubes and putting them in the trash can. The front of his new Dallas Cowboys winter jacket got covered with calking compound. Everyone said to toss the jacket as only lacquer thinner would clean it. Not so. "Yellowstuff" and a sponge cleaned it up The jacket looks better now than when we started the day.